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September 24, 2005



When I got up and looked out of the window early this morning, I saw this strange scene. The sea was separated very clearly into two colors. It is the so called "juncture of the two currents." It is caused by two kinds of sea water with a difference in temperature, the concentration of salt, and the biological content like plankton. I have seen this border from three angles, that is from the sky, on the water, and in the water. When I fly over it, it looks like geometric patterns. When I sail on it, it is like a garbage accumulation site; lots of logs, branches, seaweed, and sometimes bottles are accumulated on the boundary and it is dangerous to run boat engines because they could get entangled. When I dove into the sea in southern countries, and swam across the border which was not a line but a face in the sea, it was shimmering like heat haze and I felt an abrupt change of temperature. It was an amazing experience.


This picture reminds me when I lived in Seattle. I lived in front of Puget Sound and I loved the view.
I've never seen such a phenomenon as you wrote in Puget Sound, but it always changed colors.


> dct05

I think the scenary in Vancouver is quite similar to Seattle, however, I feel the difference in culture between these cities whenever I vist Seattle. I'm afraid I prefer Vancouver, I agree that Seattle is definitely a great place to visit and live in.

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