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September 28, 2005



A melon with mesh used to be a super-expensive and valuable fruit in Japan when I was a child. It was a special fruit, which was so expensive that we could have it only when we got seriously sick. Fortunately for the last few years, owing to the invention of new kinds of melons, the price of meshed melons has been going down. Today I got this small meshed melon, a cantaloupe actually, for only 79 cents. It was so cheap that I suspected it was rotten, and of course it wasn't. I divided it into two and I enjoyed one of them after supper. It was a forty-cent, gorgeous desert. Anyway, older people sometimes say that bananas used to be a super-expensive fruit and they are now one of the cheapest fruits. I think the younger generation would someday say, "I can't believe melons used to be a precious fruit."

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