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September 11, 2005



That's terrible. Did you see a doctor about it?
I also suffer backache.
You need to stay in bed in acute phase. Shiatsube is contraindicated in a patient with terrible pain!!


The season changed from summer to autumn, and my backache has come back again. A few days ago, I carried some heavy luggage and it was the trigger for this backache. When I carried it, I didn't have any kind of pain in my back except for being tired, however the feeling of tiredness changed gradually into pain. This morning it was too painful to get out of bed. I'm very afraid that the nightmare of last year has come back again. As I am living alone in a foreign country, it is critical if I can't get up and walk around. This afternoon, I went to see a shiatsu therapist in Yaletown and took an hour's treatment. Although I told him that I have terrible pain in my back, he massaged mainly my legs. I guess he was afraid of making my back worse, but I wasn't satisfied with his treatment. I'm now thinking about seeing the same acupuncturist who treated me last year. My backache repeats itself just like history. I hope to say goodbye to it forever.


> fk923

Thank you for your useful information. I saw some doctors when I felt terrible backache last year in Japan, but all the treatments were not effective except a massage at a famous therapist's in Eifuku-cho. As I can't hope to take good massage here in Vancouver, I'm now on the bed reading a book which my friend recommended to me. The title is "Healing Back Pain." I'm not sure it is effective, but as the proverb says worry is often the cause of illness.


I'm sorry to hear that.
I sometimes feel pain in my neck and shoulders after working hard and studying for long time. I know the cause is keeping the same posture...
I go to the orthopedics and have a rehabilitation when I have time. They give me the extension treatment and the low-frequency massage. Acutually, I didn't like them before but I changed my mind! I love them now, because they worked a lot!!!
Are there any orthopedics in Vancouver?


> Emi+

Thanks for your comment about my backache. Fortunately I've almost recovered from it because of a book which I refered to in my blog Sep 12. I'm afraid the orthopedists I have ever seen both in Tokyo and Vancouver were not a good help for me.


Thninikg like that shows an expert at work

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