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September 23, 2005



Analyzing radio voices

Radio calls are the biggest obstacle for me before getting my flight license. In order to overcome my difficulties in listening to English, I decided to count on technology, including an MP3 voice recorder and sound analyzing software. Recording all the radio calls during my flight and listening to the obscure parts again and again until they make sense is my new training system, which looks like a detective job. Using this voice analyzing software I can just listen to the phrase which is not clear repeatedly and at slow speed. It's great software but I still have lots of unclear parts in the recorded radio voice. Today I asked my friend for help about this voice analyzing job. He is a native English speaker who has recently got his flight license. Surprisingly he couldn't recognize the phrase after listening to it several times. What I understood was that focusing just on the radio voice is not a good idea because we can use other information while flying, such as the flight course, requested procedure, and visual information. Anyway I have to get used to it as early as possible.

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