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September 10, 2005



A long cross-country flight

This afternoon, I flew around the Straight of Georgia by duel control for a long cross-country flight training session. Departing from Boundary Bay, I flew to Victoria and made one touch and go. It was the first time I had flown to Victoria, which is a very busy international airport with three runways. I watched a PAPI for the first time there. It is airport equipment which tells pilots whether the approaching altitude is right or not. PAPI is made of red and white lights. When we approach too high, all the lights look white and when too low, all of them look red. The same number of white and red lights indicate the right approaching height. After one touch and go at Victoria, I flew north along the east coast of Vancouver island to Nanaimo and landed there for about an hour's rest. When I departed from Nanaimo, the wind was very gusty and flying in the gusty conditions was very scary for me. I crossed the Straight of Georgia and made another touch and go at Sechelt Gibson airport. The airport was surrounded by high trees and I had to make a steep approach to avoid them. The weather was deteriorating and it began to rain when I flew over Vancouver International Airport. The radio of the airplane was super noisy didn't help my radio calls. It was in total a 2.2 hour flight and full of first experiences. I was very tired.

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