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August 26, 2005



Fly to Chilliwack solo

I've just come back from my first solo cross-country flight to Chilliwack. Although it was late August, it was so hot around Vancouver today, and the height of 2,500 feet was not enough to cool down my heated body. I sweated a lot and my towel was soaked. Chilliwack airport is not a controlled airport, that is there is no tower and each pilot has to fly by calling each other. There was a lot of traffic in the zone today, and I was very nervous because I had to call in each leg of the circuit like, "Chilliwack traffic, this is FIBX over the city at 1,800 feet, inbound for touch and go, runway 25", "FIBX cross the midway", "FIBX downwind for touch and go, runway 25", and "FIBX short final to runway 25". On my short final to the runway, I was so busy on the radio call that I approached the runway too high, therefore I had to do an overshoot and go around the circuit again. I wanted to land in Chilliwack for a pie but I couldn't because I hadn't enough time to do so. I hope to land there next time to enjoy a coffee break at the famous cafe at Chilliwack airport.

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