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August 09, 2005



I watched almost the same moon with your picture tonight in Japan. My youngest daughter shouted, "It's pretty!(kawaii!)"
I wonder we are about the same age or the same generation...?


Yes I think we are in the same generation.


A crescent moon is called "Mikazuki" in Japanese, which means the third day moon. This is the third day moon I watched this Sunday from my friend's room using his telescope. As the telescope had no adapter for cameras, I took this picture by pushing my camera onto the eyepiece. In spite of this primitive way of taking pictures, this picture is not bad. It was when I was an elementary school student, almost thirty years ago, that I first watched the moon through a telescope which my parents had bought for me. In Tokyo, even thirty years ago, it was difficult to watch a clear moon like this because the air was not clear enough and a lot of buildings got in the way of my watching the night sky. If I had been born in Vancouver and had had a telescope, I would have become an astronomer.

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