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August 16, 2005



In this season I take a nap in the afternoon almost everyday. The daylight time is more than 14 hours here and it is too long for me to move around all the time. My body requires taking a rest and I obey it. Usually I take about a one-hour nap between 1pm and 4pm. Today I went to bed at 1pm and it was very pleasant to take a nap listening to the noise outside the window; the sound of waves, hokey guys, seagulls, and even cars. A slight sea breeze made my napping more comfortable. And then, when I came back from the dream world, the clock told me it was 7pm. I had overslept almost 6 hours! Nobody can call it a nap and I felt myself rather tired because of oversleeping. I got up then and went cycling around Stanley Park because I had more than 2 hours before sunset. Now the sun has set and I have taken a shower. I feel like it is in the early morning. This is just like jet lag.


What do you do? Maybe all Japanese business man envy you.I envy your life also.


Well, I'm just thinking a little bit different than most Japanese people. I'm not worrying about my future too much and spending money for present instead of saving for future. I think I can earn money just as much as I need when I really lack it. This is most Canadian's way of thinking around me and it usually makes us happy.

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