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August 17, 2005



Sweets not too sweet

In Japan it is not common for men to eat sweets in public. Sweets are supposed to be food for children and women, therefore I often felt hesitant to order dessert at a cafe in Japan. On the other hand in Canada, fortunately there is no such discrimination. Both men and women, from children to old people, all eat soft ice-cream on streets which looks like a paradise of sweets. The only problem is that most sweets in Canada are too sweet for me. I have a list of cafes which serve desserts which are not too sweet. I sometimes select one of them and order desserts which are not too sweet with a cup of black coffee. This peach tart is one of the desserts which are not too sweet.


You really have sweet tooth. I guess you still keep a lot of timbits at home! ^v^


I've not had any Timbits for more than two months because I decided not to have them before getting the pilot license.

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