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August 06, 2005



The mailman who serves my building does even more work: We are lucky enough to have mail slots in our doors. I hear the mail hit the floor in my apartment as it arrives. The building is only 12 floors, though.


In Japan, we have so called door-to-door delivery service in which we don't have to go out of our house at all even when we post mail because the mail man comes to our house to collect mail. Furthermore, if we are not at home when the mail man comes to deliver, he is to visit our house again and again until we receive the mail.


My apartment is so old that it has mailboxes on each floor while most ordinary apartments have them only on the first floor. It's very comfortable for the residents in my apartment, including me, because we don't have to go out of the building or even go down to the first floor to check and get our mail. Furthermore my room is adjacent to the mailboxes on my floor, therefore I don't even have to get out of my room to check my mail; I can hear the sound when a mailman comes to the mailboxes and inserts mail. I mustn't forget the fact that the more comfortable we are, the harder it is for the old mailman. I sometimes see him deliver our mail going down from the 32nd floor to the 1st floor with two big bags full of mail. I have to appreciate his everyday hard work.

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