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August 30, 2005



Late in the afternoon yesterday, I flew to Point Roberts in the U.S. with my instructor. As the weather was bad and the ceiling was limited, I did some IFR training. IFR is the abbreviation for Instrument Flight Rules, which is the opposite of VFR, Visual Flight Rules. In the training, I had to fly the Cessna wearing a so called hood, which is just like a large sun visor and shuts out my window vision. All I could see was the instrument panel of the airplane and I flew just by looking at it. That means I had to fly without window vision. There are six main instruments in the panel; AI(airspeed indicator), ATI(attitude indicator), ALT(altimeter), TC/BI(turn coordinator and bank indicator), HI(heading indicator), and VSI(vertical speed indicator). It is almost acrobatic to control the airplane so that all the instruments indicate the right values, but in the last flight test, we are required to recover from an abnormal situation just by watching the instruments. I hope this is the last task for me to do before getting the private pilot's license.

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