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August 20, 2005



These are so called VTA charts we are using while flying. A VTA chart is the largest scale chart for aviation use which has the most detailed terminal information. The scale is 1:250,000 and it covers almost all the area where we usually fly around, therefore it is the most important chart for student pilots. The upper chart in this picture is the Vancouver VTA chart I had been using since this April and the bottom one is the latest version of the same chart which I finally got a few days ago. Between these two versions of VTA charts, there was another version but it was recalled as soon as it was published because of a lot of errors. Charts should be revised as soon as there is a big change in it's information and it was this May when the control area of our airport was largely changed. Three months after the change, I could finally get the latest and current VTA chart which still has a mistake.

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