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August 19, 2005



I had a strange dream last night. There was a small, bottomless pond at the center of Downtown Vancouver and a little elephant was drowning there. A lot of people were watching it without doing anything and eventually the elephant almost drowned with just his nose tip out of the water. Fortunately I came back from the dream before he died. I don't know why I had such a dream. More than ten years ago I almost drowned on a bend of the Kushiro river when I was touring down the river by canoe. When I tried to land on the bank I stepped on the land, which was so wet and muddy that my body sank up to my chest. I couldn't move at all and I was alone there. Luckily I could hold on to my canoe and escaped from there after a hard struggle. Although the dream must be related to this experience, it happened more than ten years ago and I have never experienced such a drowning since then. Dreams are strange!

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