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August 13, 2005



This is a huge buoy in English Bay which is used to tie up a barge temporarily. It is made of a large metal drum, fixed with a thick chain to the bottom of the sea, therefore it is never moved by strong winds or rough waves. Although it was an obstacle for me when I started learning to sail in English Bay, it is now very useful for me because it works as a landmark so that I can recognize my exact position. A lot of sailors sail around this buoy and it is good practice for manoeuvring sailboats. Furthermore, I often see seagulls or blue herons taking a rest on this buoy. It is a really useful buoy for many residents in English Bay.


It does seem like an endless task, doesn't it? Right now I'm still about 20,000 words away from colioetpmn and it feels like I'll never get there. I look forward to the days when my writing runs, races, and flies to the conclusion. I'll get there, won't I?

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