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June 10, 2005



Hello, I came from Mixi, and so impressed about your life in Vancouber!! I am a university student in Winnipeg MB, and all I can do is just eating, sleeping and studying.... which is so boring! I want to learn how to enjoy Canadian life from your jurnals! Have fun!


Hello, i've just started to type my diary in english only on the Blogger.com. :D
i miss some functions(RSS/TrackBack) on the Blogger.com. (ToT)

BTW, i've seen your name on the Mixi(SNS).

Wow ! you're gonna be able to fly solo,aren't you ? That sounds great !
Don't work too hard.



Student pilot's license

I've finally got a student pilot's license. This is a permit required to fly an airplane solo. I flew with the chief instructor and took his checkout before flying solo. He told me that my flight skills are now enough to fly solo, but that my radio communication skills are still dangerous. I made two critical mistakes related to radio communications. One was that when I got a take-off clearance from the tower, I missed his "urgent" intention and tried to take off slowly. The other was that when I tried to land, the tower told me to pull up because the other plane was still holding on the runway, and I missed that. I need more practise in radio communications. But I'm feeling that my first solo flight is fast approaching.

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