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June 05, 2005



It was rainy today, Sunday, and I had no flight lesson. So I decided to do what I had been trying to do and couldn't. Cleaning the bathroom! Since I moved to this room in Vancouver 2 years and 2 months ago, I have never done any cleaning in the bathroom. The toilet and the sink, which must have been white, have changed into a dirty yellowish color. I had to start with going to Safeway to get gloves, a bottle of cleaner with bleach, and a small sponge. I didn't have them in my apartment because I had never used them. I sprayed the bleach all over the bowls in the bathroom. I sprayed so much that I felt bad because of the chlorine. But the surface of the bowls became much cleaner than I had hoped. Now my bathroom is even shining as you can see in this photo.

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