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June 08, 2005



This is the first time I read your blog and write a comment.
I'm...a kind of English teachers in J.H.S.,but I have no confidence in my English ability at all!!
Mochi-san, I'm jearous about your English ability. How have you studied English...?



I like Okonomiyaki, too!
I eat it every Sunday evening.
I can not imagine a life without Okonomiyaki.



Hi, this is Meg. I appried your mail magazine, today. I am also staying in Canada now, and studing at OUC(B.C. state). I was tring to write blog, but these days I play truant. After reading your email magazine, I want to try again. I'm expecting your magazine! See ya


I love okonomiyaki, a Japanese pancake with sliced cabbage and some other kinds of ingredients such as meat, seafood, vegetables, and so on. "Okonomi" means ''a liking'' in Japanese and we can use whatever ingredients we like. It is not only tasty but also a convenient dish to deal with leftovers in the refrigerator. I often cook okonomiyaki myself because I don't know of a good restaurant which serves a delicious one. Usually we cook okonomiyaki on a teppan, a large, flat, iron plate, but of course I don't have this type of equipment, and I use a small frying pan. It's good enough for me except for one small problem, that is, when I turn over the ingredients in my frying pan, some of them scatter and dirty my kitchen.

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