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June 06, 2005



Hi this Chieko, your e-zine reader.
Only 50 cents a mango is!? How lucky you are...
I bought some Thai mangoes the other day and cost me 3,000 yen for eight. Normaly, we can get Philippine ones at supermarkets relatively cheaper, about 100-200 yen for one. Personally I prefer Thai mangoes for its rich odors and sweetness. Those Asian mangoes are all yellow, I believe they are called as perican mangoes. We also have red one, called apple mangoes and they cost even more expensive. For example Mexican one is 500 yen and domestic one, yes we have mangoes from Ishigaki-island and Okinawa, cost 2,000 yen or more!


I prefer a perican mango because it is sweeter and smoother in taste. If you can get a mango for 100 yen in Japan, I think it is acceptable but 2,000 yen for only one mango is incredible!

I found a post about mangoes in my last year blog.



The fruit season has come to Vancouver. Now we have lots of kinds of fruit at any grocery store or supermarket in town. I especially love mangoes. These one dozen Mexican mangoes cost only C$5.98. Just 50 cents each! Of course I bought them and am enjoying them everyday. In my view Canada is a cold country which is a long way away from tropical fruit. So this is an unexpected treat. On the other hand, in Japan, fruit is rather expensive because we have few domestic fruit farms and the government imposes a high tariff on foreign fruit to protect the domestic varieties. In the end, most fruit, especially passion fruit and mangoes are difficult to get. And talking about orange juice, all of them are "from concentrate" in order to save the transport charges. It's a very unhappy country, isn't it?

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