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June 04, 2005



Yeah, I understand what you feel about your boat maintenance.Because I have 400 cc motorbike, but I don't do maintenance.So I don't have any time to tune up it because I am very busy everyday!

Oh,please listen.
I decide that I am going to write my blog in English to improve my English! So I appreciate you very much that you gave me this opportunity! When I start it, I tell you my blog's URL. So if you are in free time, please check in out and give me some comment.

Thank you and see you soon, bye!

Later, I am going to invite you to my MIXI COMMUNITY!


I have a small sailing boat in Vancouver which I bought two years ago for just C$5,000. I have been enjoying sailing on it very much, but I have to say I am not a good owner because I don't like maintenance jobs. Every boat needs constant maintenance because it is affected by everyday wear in the water. Bunches of shells for instance grow on the bottom and become a huge drag. The season has come when I have to lift up my boat to clean and repair it. So I went to Granville Island marina today to book the lift-up and storage service. But the marina was so crowded that I couldn't find a tiny space for my boat until next month. I have to look for another marina or wait for more than one month.

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