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June 22, 2005



It's true, there were a lot of misses, but they were filming from various angles, so most of the time it didn't matter if they missed or not, as the shot wasn't on the basket. The main kids were actually pretty good at shooting. And the director wasn't bad either! We were extras over the past four days, so we found the time to have a bit of a play too. I sucked...



I read your blog. You were working there very hard, right? I missed Michael Jordan on Sunday morning!


I am so happy i will see you all tomarrow at the set!!


hey, i just came upon your blog, on the search of like mike 2. .. and they're going to be shooting around my area(Joyce), in Vancouver.. can't wait ;]


Do you know when and where exactly in Joyce they are shooting around?

Jenifer K

Does anyone know where there going to flimg next?

Jennifer K

Umm you could just say it on here dont bother e-mailing me cuz it doesn work
but yeah so does anyone noe where there going to film next


Does anybody know if Bow Wow is goin to be in the movie?


when is this movie coming out?


Ya, I was just in Vancouver for a week and a bit, and there are so many more movies there than where I live! And right outside your appartment? Awesome!

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