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June 02, 2005



I've started a mail magazine in which I recommend Japanese students write blogs in English. According to my one year's experience of writing this blog, I believe it is the best way to use and master English. I have more than 800 readers now and I'm writing the mail magazine every Friday. To my pleasure, several students have started their own English blogs after reading my e-zine. I think most Japanese, including me, have been studying English too hard without using it. We need more experience of using English rather than studying English grammar or memorizing difficult words. Also through this blog I have been able to make some native English friends. It is very interesting and exciting to communicate with English speaking people because they have different points of view than Japanese people. In addition to writing an article every week, I have to reply to the comments from my readers. So I'm getting busy now. But I love the shoes I am in now because it is worthwhile.

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