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June 18, 2005





Congratulations! I imagine the radio communication in English could be very difficult. I admire you.


Congratulations on your first solo flight! I'm looking forward to reading the next issue of your mail magazines.:-)


Today, I took one step closer to becoming a private pilot. I completed my first solo flight this afternoon! I flew a Cessna152 alone, without an instructor, going around the airport three times with two touch-and-goes and one full-stop landing. All of them were successful and after my last landing the tower controller said to me "Congratulations!" I was very pleased and got to like him for the first time. He was the man who had always been annoying me with radio communications that were too fast. After getting out of the airplane, I was showered with water by my instructors because It is a custom in Canada or North America to celebrate the student pilots finishing their first solo. The first solo is a big event for every pilot.

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