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June 01, 2005



Hi!It's nice to meet you.
I came from MIXI community.
Hy name is Hotaka and I'm University student of Nagasaki.
I think you are very great, because you write blog in English!
I'm looking forward to read your blog.
See you later!


"Amesha" is Japanese slang for American cars. It has a nuance of being powerful, huge, rough, easy to break, and consuming a lot of gas. The new car I bought last week is a typical "Amesha" and satisfies all these conditions. As an engine check lamp was on, I drove to the car dealer where I bought it from only a week ago. The Chinese salesperson looked into the engine and said, "It doesn't matter. It sometimes happens to this type of car. It might be an oxygen sensor trouble which doesn't matter at all. As far as the car running with no problems, the three month insurance is not applicable." It would be unbelievable in Japan but this is Canada! People don't mind little things going wrong . So I'm now driving my Chevrolet with the red light always on. I only hope that this car won't have any more problems.


>I drove to the car dealer where I bought it from only a week ago.

I think the above sentence should be

I drove to the car dealer where I bought it only a week ago.


I drove to the car dealer from which I bought it only a week ago.


You can say from where as in the sentence:
I drove the car to the dealer from where I bought it only a week ago.
The word ''from'' could also be missed out of this sentence.
So the first sentence is wrong and I appologise if I made this
mistake. However you can still say from where instead of from which or
from whom would also be correct because the dealer is a person.


The light should not be on. It is telling you that something is not working correctly. It could be an oxygen sensor gone bad and it should be fixed. If you continue driving the car with the light on you could do harm to other parts of the car. Make them fix it!



Accepting your advice, I went yesterday to a repair shop to check my car. The result was that there's no problem on the engine and just the computer has something wrong causing the check light on. It took several hours and C$120 just for the diagnosis but now I can drive without worring about anything. Thank you for your good advice.

Used cars

Thanks for the guidelines. You post will help to be carefull in that car service. Thanks to Author.

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