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June 26, 2005



It's a very beautiful view. I can imagine the air is clean. By the way, have you ever lost your way?


That is a good habit for you!!
I live in Nagasaki,Jappan.
As you know, Nagasaki has so many hils that i can't trip by bicycle.
The photo you took was very beautiful!
I envy you.
Does your city has roads for bycicres?


> Hiro,

Actually I often lose my way, but I also like the feeling of lost.


I have once been to Nagasaki by motorcycle. Shallow beach, white churches, and steep slopes wereimpressive for me. I agree your town is not suitable for bicycleriding. Fortunately there are lots of cycling roads running around mycity, and one of them is running just in front of my apartment. I'mhappy! If you are to come to Vancouver, please tell me. See you.


A path in the forest.

May I have your permission to use this photo on my website? I would like to include it in our hypnosis section. Our website is in the process of being constructed.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your considertion

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