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June 22, 2005



Nice photos lately. I like the compostion of the column of smoke, and your moon shot the day before looks amazing.

That's an interesting usage of the word sodden. I'd never use "sodden" to describe the result of inhaling marijuana smoke, but I don't inhale it when I can help it. I'd only use "stoned."

Is it a local slang term in Vancouver?


On Saturday morning, when I was sipping a cup of coffee on my balcony, I saw a large column of smoke in the south east. According to the news, it was a big fire in Richmond, the next city to Vancouver. It was reported that the fire was caused by a dangerous marijuana grow-op. In the illegal chemical process of making marijuana at a warehouse, someone might have made a mistake and caused this big bang. Fortunately there were no injuries including the chemist. I guess the residents around the place would have inhaled marijuana smoke and felt as high as a kite!

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