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May 21, 2005



While driving around Vancouver, I sometimes meet with traffic jams. They are not so terrible as those in Japan where there are many more cars on narrow roads. In Vancouver, most roads have three or four lanes and the number of cars is much less than in Tokyo, however, there still exist traffic jams. I know the largest reason for that; it's left turn cars! The left one of the three lanes is often stopped by only one car which is trying to make a left turn. I often see tens of cars stuck by the only one sinful left turn car. As we use left-hand traffic in Japan, in this case, right turn cars could cause the same problem, but in most main junctions in Japan, a right turn only lane is prepared to avoid this kind of situation. And without the special lane, in most cases, a right turn is prohibited. Although the Japanese traffic system has a lot of problems, this ban seems to be working well and is superior to that of Vancouver.

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