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May 08, 2005



The day before yesterday, I talked with my friend in Tokyo for more than one hour. The talk time with the other friend in Toronto last night was more than one hour too. But the cost of the calls are both free thanks to Skype or IP phone. I think that the old type of long distance call without the Internet is old fashioned. And telephone companies have to change their business model right now or they will vanish in the next decade. It looks like the relation between cars and trains. Just like trains gave way from the main stream of traffic, and cars became the most popular transportation device, communication devices are shifting from telephone to the Internet.


Electric cars are still a few years away technology wise and will lielky be expensive.Diesel cars get great fuel economy, but the same diesel they use in Europe cannot be used in the US because of emissions standards. In Europe they have different standards for gas and diesel fuel. In the US it's the same for both. So that's what keeps many diesel cars off our sure until low sulfur diesel gets more use in the US.

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