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May 14, 2005



One of my Japanese friends who has a private pilot's license and is now practicising for a commercial pilot's license took me to Nanaimo. Although the Cessna152 was a bit too small for us two heavy men, it took off without any trouble. It was my first experience of sitting in the co-pilot's seat, on the right-hand side of the airplane. The view from the seat was great and I could fully enjoy it because I didn't have to operate any controls on the plane. It was easy and comfortable. Soon after the takeoff, we flew up to 4,500 ft from where I could see the Strait of Georgia and the Gulf Islands with a sweep of the eyes. This place, which I had sailed around for the last two years, had seemed vast and huge, but it was really a small area from a bird's eye viewpoint. We did touch and go at Nanaimo airport and returned to Boundary Bay airport within 60 minutes. If I did this in my boat, it would take at least 6 days.

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