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May 07, 2005



I'm now learning how to use a flight computer. It is a computer which doesn't need any electronic devices. It is a very simple computer made of some pieces of cardboard or metal plate. We can do a series of calculations such as speed, time, and distance. We can also do some conversions between units like how many statute miles is one nautical mile. The backside of a flight computer is called the wind side which we can use for our flight navigation. We can do most of the calculations around flight with this tiny, cheap, paper computer. Of course an electronic calculator is more accurate and easier to use, but a flight computer is more convenient and practical for pilots because it is specially designed for aviation use and contains everything pilots need. I think an electronic calculator gives us a digital answer which is just a number and has no practical image. On the other hand, the answer from a flight computer is not an accurate figure, but has a practical image beyond a number itself.

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