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June 01, 2005


hekkomi (in Japan)

Nice to meet you!

I'm hekkomi in Japan, university student.
My major is economics.
I knew your mail magazine in Ken Isida's mail magazine.
I diceded to receive your mail magazine "mainiti kakasazu eigo de blog!"
I'm looking forward to coming to me!

ABOUT article
*If that controller and pedal set was for manual cars, I probably got it.
Because I want to drive a manual car, especially sports car.
Have you ever thought so?

*Most Japanese junior high school students love video game, you know.
I often teach junior high school students as tutor that is my part time job.
So I actually feel it.

*I'm jelouse of your living in Canada.
I have been to Canada once. I got off Vancouver air port.
I have stayed at hotel near Niagara Falls.
I enjoyed looking on the Maid of the Mist.

See you!!


I purchased this controller and pedal set for the flight simulator. When I went to an air shop in Vancouver, the salesperson came to me and recommended them. Of course I refused at first saying, "I don't want to buy them because I am just a visitor." Then he said, "Visitors don't have to pay the taxes. You can save some money." And finally I bought them. They were so expensive that I don't even want to say how much they were. But they cost only the same as a two hour flight lesson. So, if I could finish my flight lesson two hours short, it's a good deal. I know that's a very ridiculous analogy. But I can't get out of this crazy downward spiral of wasting money until I get my private pilot's license.

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