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April 11, 2005



Hello! Happy Birthday :)

I've been read your happy life story from time to time since I found your blog by chance 3 weeks ago.
I never talked to you but not today.
Coz' I want to celebrate you.
My birthday was 4 days ago from yours.

Hope you to enjoy your calm but exciting life in Vancouver. (I love Vancouver..) :)

Happy springtime there!

Across the pacific ocean,


Happy Birthday!!!
I usually enjoy your web.Your horizons are pretty broad.It's interesting for me.
um...I wana present this poem for you...

"You Are on the Way
to So Many Wonderful Things
in the Year to Come

I hope it will be the happiest you've ever known,
and that it will be a year filled with dreams come true.
This is such a perfect time to think of wihes you want to turn into realities
and goals you want to reach.
It takes a lot to set your sights on a distant horizon and to keep on reaching for
those goals.
It takes a lot... of courage
and hard work, believing and achieving,
patience and perseverance, inner strength and gentle hope.
It takes a lot of giving it your best and doing the fantastic things you do. But most of all...

It takes someone
as wonderful
as you."

Hope you like it. Cheers!



It was my birthday. I almost forgot it. I don't like worrying or thinking about my age, but I can't omit it. If I forget it, my body sometimes reminds me of it; trying to get over a fence, my leg hits it for instance. I think getting older is not always unhappy. I feel my character is getting milder year by year and I rarely get angry now. I feel little stress and I'm living a happy, calm life. But I think my everyday life has been a bit too calm these days. So I've started taking flight lessons. It is exciting and stimulating enough to add spice to my everyday life. Basically calm and occasionally exciting, that is an ideal.

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