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April 30, 2005



I sometimes think about human abilities or functions. We have a lot of functions such as seeing, hearing, eating, walking, running, speaking and so on. These abilities are acquired almost unconsciously when we are very young. And even after we get old enough to have a consciousness, we can add other abilities by learning them. We can learn riding bicycles, driving cars, sailing boats, flying airplanes and speaking foreign languages. I'm just learning the latter two abilities now. Both of them seem to be a bit difficult for me when I think about them too much. I know that I can master them naturally when I am unconscious about them. Our potential ability is so great that when we can use it completely, we can have a super ability. I felt it very much while learning to sail boats. I can trim sails and control the rudder just by feeling winds without thinking about anything. I have to rely more on the potential ability while flight training too. I want to control airplanes just like sailing boats.

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