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March 21, 2005



Today I took a medical exam for a Category III Transport Canada medical certificate which is required to enter aviation training. In Japan, this kind of exam is very strict and few doctors with the relative measuring instruments can afford it. So, today, I was very nervous before taking it since I am very strongly nearsighted. But the exam I took today in Canada was very simple. It was really in the Canadian style. The doctor was friendly, used no special instruments, and there was no problem except my eyes. At first, wearing contact lenses, I couldn't see the small characters on the wall in regular distance, so he told me to take off my lenses, get near, and read the largest characters. I strained my eyes very hard and could barely read them. At the end of the examination, we shook hands for the success of my eye test. Now I'm waiting for the result to be sent by mail. And after that, I'm thinking about going to a flight center in Boundary Bay. I'm gradually getting busy.

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