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March 25, 2005


Kathy Hand

Congratulations on your new adventure! I'm sure that your English skills won't hold you back. Just keep a dictionary handy. Good luck.



It was my first FAM, Flight Activation Monitoring. The sky was clear, but a little bit of a strong wind was blowing. After some inspections to the plane and procedures beforehand, Bob and I took off. Different from large airlines, our take-off was very gentle and even quiet. Soon after the take-off, I grabbed the cockpit column and experienced four kinds of flight attitude; cruise, nose-up, nose-down, and bank. Then I exercised left and right turns for a few minutes. The view from the cockpit was really spectacular and fascinating. I was so excited that I forgot to take a picture. Although it was just a 0.7 hour flight, I got very tired. I found that the hardest thing for me is radio communications with the control tower and other planes.

Dale omilon

Nice job, just read your story and found to be accurate and it's intresting to hear other peoples opinion's. I just finished my PPL 2 weeks ago and your right It isnt easy! But damn its worth it.Only 20% of the people that start, finish.So don't give up you'll get it>> GOOD LUCK!!


> Dale omilon

I didn't know that only 20% of students get PPL. I'm flying today too, so that I can get into the 20%.

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