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March 30, 2005



This is my favorite gadget which I got a few days ago. It's name is AirPort Express, one of the wireless products of Apple Computer Inc. It can be used not only as a wireless router, but also as a print server and as an audio speaker connector. The last function is most attractive for me, because I often move around in my room; between on the chair beside the desk, on the sofa, and in the bed. If I am in my room, I can listen to the music data in my laptop computer from the powered speaker connected to AirPort Express. It means that I don't need to connect my PC and speaker directly with a cable. More than that, the sound quality is obviously better than when connected directly with a cable because the noise of the PC is completely canceled out. It's a great product and I'm thinking about connecting my printer to it too.


Well madimacaa nuts, how about that.

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