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February 15, 2005



I'm now reading "THE DA VINCI CODE" by Dan Brown. As the Japanese translated version was three times as expensive as the original book, I of course bought the original book written in English. When I started reading it, I felt it was very difficult because it contains too many unknown words; almost every line has one unknown word and every page has a French phrase. But while I kept reading it without bothering about the unknown words, I got accustomed to reading a book full of unknown words by guessing the blank spaces. It is rather enjoyable for me to create my original story from antique documents. I think this way of reading is not a bad way to improve my reading skills because it helps me to read many books in a short time. When I was a student, I was obliged to look up every other word in a dictionary, but it was boring and I often lost the meaning of the story itself. So, I'm reading this book using a dictionary as little as possible.

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