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February 22, 2005



In Japan, there are several mass sales stores for home electrical appliances. They are selling a lot of electronic gadgets at low prices. Shinjuku is the hottest battlefield for those stores. In order to get more customers they are offering so called "point promotion" which is a kind of member service. Once you become a point member and get a point card, you can use the card for purchasing something to get some points. The points have a value equal to cash in the store. For example, if you pay 10,000 yen at the store with the point card, you can get 1,500 points which is equivalent to 1,500 yen. How much percentage you can get depends on the item you buy. This service is very effective to ensure a lot of customers and I am a typical victim of it. Today I went shopping at the store and spent extra money that I didn't account for.

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