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January 12, 2005



To tell the truth, I'm now addicted to a simulation game named "Gameboy Wars" running on Nintendo's pocket game machine. You may think of me as childish, but this game is well designed and fascinates a lot of adults such as me. It is one of the table games just like chess or shogi. It contains hundreds of stages including special fields like a city, factory, bridge, road, river, sea, plain, and mountain. The players, up to four people, (and any players can be replaced with the computer) fight together moving their weapons on the stage. There are more than ten weapons including, soldiers, tanks, rocket launchers, helicopters, bombers, dog fighters, battle- ships, and even submarines. It takes five minutes to six hours to play each stage, and there are about two hundred stages included in this small game machine. When I cleared all of the stages, I was surprised to find that hundreds of hidden stages appeared. I'm very tired of wars!


thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!! and you're so very welcome!!! we had a BLAST thnkiing up all the references and images we wanted to go with your vocals. we LOL'd the WHOLE time. hee hee maybe sometime we can get a little smoother version ironed out. this was our first try at editing audio, etc . but you have inspired us.


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