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January 20, 2005



Tokyo is of course the central city of Japan, but it has no center itself. Someone says that the Imperial Palace is the center of Tokyo, and others say Tokyo station is the center. There are so many places or buildings which can be the symbol of this city; The Tokyo tower, The Diet Building, Ginza, Shinjuku, and much more. Tokyo consists of so many symbolic and central things, and so it has no essentially central thing. Tokyo is a center-less city. This map, which shows only a small part of my neighborhood, shows the chaos of Tokyo. There are no straight roads or rectangular blocks. It is really a maze. Even I, who have been living here for decades, sometimes get lost. But I don't think it is bad to be chaotic. Sure it is hard to drive a car from point A to point B through this large maze, and it is a little bit amazing to walk around in Tokyo and happen to see something new. Tokyo is not only a maze but also an ever changing maze. It is really an attractive city for a person who loves busy and brand-new things.

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