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January 09, 2005



When I was living in Vancouver I often received a wrong call like, "Hi, room number 101, Mr. Johnson, please." According to my research, my number was even used by a hotel named Washington, and I found some hotel lists on which my number is printed as the number of the Washington Hotel. Of course I complained to the issuer of the list, and some of them were revised but there still remains old lists and there's no way to revise the personal address books. So I still receive a few calls to the Washington every week. For the first months it was an annoying matter for me and I sometimes thought about changing my number but didn't do it, and I decided to use this situation for practicing English conversation. It was most difficult for me to talk on-line because I can't use body language and I have to rely 100 percent on my voice. Owing to this free and at-random practice, I can now reply to this kind of phone call well. "Hello." "Would you make me a reservation for two tonight?" "I'm afraid you have the wrong number. What number are you calling?" "Isn't this 604-xxx-xxx?" "Yes, it is MY number. Please check it again."

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