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January 29, 2005



Today I saw a strange young man in a cafe. He was sitting on a sofa alone with his notebook PC open. He was wearing headphones with a mike and saying something. He was talking with somebody using a PC phone system. He actually looked like he was talking with his computer and it was a very strange sight. I remember about ten years ago, when cell phones were uncommon, I happened to see a business man who was using a cell phone in a train. He took a phone call in a quiet train, and suddenly started to say, "Hello!" Although it is a very common situation now, it was really a strange scene ten year's ago, and everyone, including me, laughed at him. So, I think this young man talking with a computer is going to be an ordinary sight in the near future. I feel strongly that I am living in the midst of a new technological revolution.


He was probably doing some on-line "gaming" where it's a group of people that log into to play the same game and they can talk to each other through a headphone system similiar to audio chat on a mac [like the talking version of Instant messanger]

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