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January 22, 2005



This is the sign of a post office in Japan. Surprisingly there are more than 20,000 post offices in Japan and we can see this logo mark anywhere around this country. This sign is so popular that it is included in the Japanese character code set for computers. We use it before a seven-digit figure to show that it is a postal code. Anyway, in Japan now the post office is going to change. The government is planning to divide and privatize the post office because it is too huge and has a lot of problems. Japanese post offices have three major functions: postal operations, insurance operations, and banking operations. It is actually the largest logistics system, the largest security system, and the largest banking system in Japan. It has also a great national brand and old people especially trust it. I don't know exactly whether the post office should be privatized or not, but if this logo mark vanished and the number of post offices are reduced, I would have at least a sense of loss.

Peter Dunsmuir

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