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January 16, 2005



I am surrounded by a lot of electronic gadgets such as a PC, cell phone, music player, IC dictionary, portable game, and so forth. Most of them are using a rechargeable battery and they need to be charged from the power line. I have four outlets in my room which are far from enough. In order to compensate for these insufficient outlets, I'm using a lot of power taps and there are several taps as in this picture. We call this kind of wiring "octopus wiring" in Japan because it looks like the legs of an octopus. This octopus wiring is said to be dangerous because it might cause a fire. But It is so convenient and necessary for me that I can't stop using it. As you know in most gadgets, the power supply is the last remaining problem. The Li-on battery is surely a great answer, but it needs an annoying charging process which is even dangerous. So I'm urgently wishing that the fuel battery comes into practical use as soon as possible.

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