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January 02, 2005



I was in Tokyo for new years a couple of years ago, attending a "forget the year" party. Quite fun.


January 1st is a special day in Japan. We celebrate the beginning of the new year by some traditional ways. We have a special dish and a small cup of sake. The dish is called "Osechi",which includes happy foods such as sea weed, specially cooked sweet egg, fish cakes, and so on. Most Japanese go to shrines or temples and pray for the first time in the new year. It doesn't matter whether they are Buddhist or Shinto or not. In my home, we usually take a bath in the morning which is very pleasant. And this day is even a special weather day, that is it is usually fine on January 1st every year. It was clear this year too, and I saw Mt. Fuji from my rooftop.

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