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January 24, 2005



I'm now in one of McDonalds' restaurants which has a wireless connection and I can connect to the Internet with my notebook PC. It's so comfortable that I can use my computer just the same as in my home. One problem is that there are no edible foods here. As you know, the hamburgers are so terrible that a film was made in the U.S. in which the director himself became an examinee and survived by eating only the McDonald's dishes. The coffee is like muddy water, and the flies are so oily that they can be used as fuel. So, I got the cheapest hamburger as a deposit and sat with my computer without eating anything. I can't understand why so many people come to this terrible restaurant.

David Thompson

Yup,McDonalds...a place where teenagers man the cash tills and the dining rooms usually have dirty tables.Where drive thru orders are 80-90% wrong and where "custom" orders force the cooks to think.Bathrooms are more often than not..filthy.

They have indeed gone down.

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