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January 28, 2005



I have been using this iPod from Apple computer Inc. for two years. It is really a great product for people who love music like me. My iPod is the 20GB version which carries more than 4,000 songs. It means that I can carry almost all my CD collection in my room in this tiny, white box. It is amazing! I think it is absolutely natural that this great product saved Apple computer Inc. which was at risk of bankruptcy. But I know the weak point of this product and company. It is batteries. Today I brought out an old iBook from my storage in order to sell it at Yahoo auctions. Then I found that the battery of this computer was completely dead and couldn't be recharged anymore. My iPod also has a battery problem. It discharges in a few days even if it is fully charged, and I have to recharge it every two days. Sure Apple has great technology on creating cool things but it lacks a traditional technology such as on batteries.

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