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January 10, 2005



Meeting with books is like meeting with people. Suppose you met the person who you were looking for in perfect timing, you whould feel happy. This "Multiple streams of Internet income" is just the one for me. I have been pondering over the way to get income from the Internet. In fact I was doing such a project myself and got some money, but there was one problem. The profit rate was too small and to get enough income I had to have a lot of customers. It was a little bit hard for me and when my system had a technical problem I decided to quit the whole project. Instead I got some skills necessary to run an Internet business and I was thinking about using those skills. Then reading this book I was a little bit astonished because most of my skills and know-how were written in this book. Furthermore it is organized systematically and persuasively. I can't believe that this book was written more than four years ago. If I had read this book soon after it was published, my life would have changed somewhat!

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