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January 11, 2005



Beef bowl is my favorite dish. I often have it in a restaurant of beef bowls. The most famous beef bowl restaurant is Yoshino-ya, whose branches are running also in Los Angeles and New York. Unfortunately it isn't in Vancouver and while I was living in Vancouver, the BSE trouble attacked Yoshino-ya and it gave up selling beef bowls temporarily. The trouble has not been solved yet and they can't still purchase the cheap, U.S. beef which is recognized to be dangerous in Japan. So I haven't had Yoshino-ya's beef bowl for about two years now. This beef bowl picture I took in the other beef bowl restaurant. It isn't bad, but there are little slices of beef and much more egg instead!


Mine fave meal if you will that I don't have to cook is beef jerky I am a jerky fanatic tguhoh. My second favorite would probably be trail mix. Not anyone in particular because I like to mix it up no pun intended lol +4


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