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January 30, 2005



Internet auctions are a great system in which we can trade almost everything directly without retail stores. I often use Yahoo Auction in Japan. I'm really addicted to it. I participate in it more often as an exhibitor than a bidder. For me, it is a place where I can change my needless belongings to cash. Through my trading experience at Yahoo auction, I got some tips so that you can earn more efficiently. At first, the marketing research before your exhibition is very important. You should know the information about your competing exhibitors beforehand, and do pricing a little bit cheaper than they are doing. You should take care of the title of your exhibition so that it is hit by the auction searching system. The shorter your display duration, the more effectively you can sell. Your auction must be closed Sunday evening. So, the best auction schedule is starting on Thursday afternoon and ending on Sunday evening. In this way, you can expose your auction to as many people as possible. You had better chose the emphasizing option in these two days. It costs a few hundred yen, but it serves as very effective advertising. I sometimes edit my exhibition page by giving additional information about the item. It catches the bidders' attention very well. There's one more tip even after the auction is bid. When I make contact with my bidder using email, I often give them additional selling information; that is, if a digital camera was bid, I make him a proposal of peripherals such as a memory, carrying case, or battery. This method works so well that I can get additional income.

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