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December 20, 2004



I went first to an orthopedic surgeon when I got a slipped disk at the end of last month. The doctor said that I may have a hernia and an MRI scanning would make sure whether and where I have it. As I am not a resident of Japan now, I have no medical insurance and the MRI would cost several hundred dollars. So I didn't take an MRI. The doctor took some X-ray pictures and gave me a lot of medicines which include pain relievers, packs, suppositories, and digestives. Different than Canadian doctors, Japanese doctors like to give a lot of medicines that help them earn much more money.

After a two-week visit to the orthopedic surgeon, my pain didn't get any better. Then I went to an acupressurist. Fortunately the treatment was nice and I recovered in the next two weeks. The next doctor said that orthopedics is not always effective because it just looks at the patients' bones. In many cases there are problems not in the bones but in the muscles, and in order to take care of the muscles, acupressure is more effective than orthopedics. He also said that my muscles were twisted like a hose and his massage would help adjust the twisted hose. I felt his explanation was easy to understand and that relieved my body and mental hardship.

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